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5 minutes with…George Cooper

We caught up with Food by the Chef creator George Cooper and look what we found out!


What are you looking forward to most about coming to Margaret River Gourmet Escape

Connecting and talking with the local and international talent about world and local food, food trends, and where it’s going to next.

You’re taking part in O Sole Mio, An Italian Long Lunch in the Olive Groves presented by Singapore Airlines, can you give us a flavour of what is going to be on the menu?

I don’t normally kiss and tell as I love guests to be surprised on the day, but expect some Italian classics with a down south twist.

It’s Sunday and you’re cooking for friends, what are you feasting on?

Sunday is leftover day for us so I’d be putting together a mixture of excellent local meats accompanied by whatever is surplus in the vegetable patch.

Do you have a favourite local ingredient?

Salt!  I’ve been making salt for a while now, collecting water locally from the ocean. It’s amazing how different something as simple as salt can taste throughout the seasons.

Who in your life inspires you to follow your passions and learn new things?

My clients are a great inspiration to my cooking – after all they are the ones eating my food. 

The sun is shining, we are in beautiful Margaret River, what are you sipping on?

A bottle of Rice Lager from Black Brewing Co – it’s a Japanese style and really refreshing. I’d follow that up with a crisp glass of House of Cards sparkling wine.

It’s time to party, what song is guaranteed to get you to the dancefloor?

Any song by the Foo Fighters.  Ask my wife and she would say Pony by Ginuwine followed by a very bad dance routine!

Margaret River is known for its stunning landscapes, where is a must-see for anyone visiting the region?

Sugarloaf Rock at sunset when there’s no westerly wind.

If you could collaborate with any chef in the world, who would it be?

Grant Achatz from Alinea Restaurant in the US. His story is inspiring and compelling – teaching his chefs to taste without being able to taste himself after chemotherapy treatment.

If you were not a chef, what would your profession be, and why?

A rock star! Both have similarities and when you put on a good show it leaves a lasting memory – but I might have to work on my musical skills first.

What is your guilty food pleasure?  

Dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate, or connoisseur ice cream.


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