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5 minutes with…Michael Hunter

We caught up with Canadian hunter-gatherer Michael Hunter from Antler Kitchen & Bar in Canada and this is what we found out:

What are you looking forward to most about coming to Margaret River Gourmet Escape?
I’ve never been to Australia so I’m very excited to work with some of the local ingredients and meet the other chefs. I love the theme of the event, I’m an outdoor enthusiast and love cooking outside over open fire.

You’re taking part in Feast in the Forest, can you give us a flavour of what is going to be on the menu?
I’ve heard there is a local deer farm near the event and hopefully going to serve venison. It’s one of my favourite meats to eat and mostly what I hunt for here in Canada.

It’s Sunday and you’re cooking for your family, what are you feasting on?
Anything wild that we have foraged, hunted or grown in our garden. My favourite time of year is spring, my family and I tap trees for maple syrup when the snow starts to melt. Then the wild leeks and morels pop out followed by turkey hunting season.

Your restaurant Antler is known for its seasonal menu featuring local wild and foraged ingredients, do you have a favourite ingredient?
As far as game is concerned definitely deer, and for the foraged stuff morels are top of the list.

Who in your life inspires you to follow your passions and learn new things?
I’ve been inspired by many mentors and chef along the path of my career. The beauty of being a chef is you never stop learning. I’m always reading book and dining out seeing what other chefs are doing. I’m great inspired by nature and what is growing in the forest around where I grew up. I’m inspired by the ingredients I get from the fisherman and farmers and their passion about their product.

The sun is shining, we are in beautiful Margaret River, what are you sipping on?
Local Wine!

If you could collaborate with any chef in the world, who would it be?
Daniel Boulud

If you were not a chef, what would your profession be, and why?
I’ve taken an interest in photography. I bought a nice camera a few years ago to shoot nature and take with me hunting and foraging. I then began shooting my food and am working on a book with my restaurant business partner Jody Shapiro.

What is your guilty food pleasure?
I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I spent a few years in the pastry kitchen so I love to bake and eat pastries too

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