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Father's Day Wine Tips

Father’s Day with Master of Wine, Ned Goodwin

To celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we caught up with Master of Wine, Ned Goodwin, to discover his tipped favourite wine to enjoy with Dad this weekend!


What’s your favourite memory of yourself and your dad?

Watching football together, or him cooking for his colleagues and friends while deferring to me to open and serve various wines.


What’s your favourite wine or cocktail to share with your dad?

Usually Grenache-driven wines from the Southern Rhône given that we shared a house over a long summer there, soon after I left New York, in 2001. We also have friends who live in and around Avignon.


What pearls of wisdom about wine have you learnt from your dad?

Not too many. I suppose that a wine is only as good as the joy it brings and the empty glasses that ensue. Bottles that are still partly full, no matter how highly regarded they may be, suggest that they lack balance, freshness and drinkability.


In what ways do you think you’re like your dad?

Too Freudian: aesthetically minded, critical, but we both try to cultivate stimuli through opportunity and share the joy that this brings.


What wine would you recommend for celebrating Father’s Day this weekend?

Cullen Diana Madeleine is by far the finest expression of mid-weighted, finely tuned Cabernet on these shores.

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