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Father's Day Recipe Ideas

Father’s Day with Sarah Glover

To celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we caught up with chef and explorer Sarah Glover to discover what it’s like to be in the kitchen with her dad and some of her recipes which would be perfect for you to create at home this Father’s Day. 


What’s your favourite memory of yourself and your dad in the kitchen?

I would have to say my dad would always cook fish on a Sunday after church, so it was a nice thing to go to the walf with him and collect the fish. If I was lucky enough, I would get a ice cream before lunch.


What’s the best cooking hack you’ve learnt from your dad?

Use butter and salt.


In what ways do you think you’re like your dad?

We both have a solid worth ethic and we love the outdoors, we are always happiest when we are in nature.


Are there any of your dad’s cooking habits that annoy you when you cook together?

I don’t often cook with my dad, but sometimes when he uses half a bottle of olive oil to cook with, it’s just a tad aggressive.



Sarah Glover’s Father’s Day Recipe Ideas:

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