• January 21, 2021

Five Beach BBQ Top Tips


In partnership with Gage Roads Brew Co.


The only thing better than a barbie, is a barbie at the beach. It’s about as Aussie as it gets with the sun shining, the barbie sizzling and a cold frothy never more refreshing.
It’s the way summer should be, so call your mates, fill the esky and fire up that barbie. Here are five beach barbie hacks to kick-start your summer!


1. Always have tunes

While you can’t beat the beach setting, there’s no better way to set a mood than with some tunes. Make sure your portable speaker is charged, hook up your phone and enhance the vibe with your favourite playlist. Just don’t be the group that cranks it too loud and ruins the fun for your neighbours – sharing is caring.


2. You’re looking at the ocean – go with seafood

We all love a snagger in a bun (a beach barbie staple) but you’re looking at the ocean, so why not throw some seafood into the mix. The best bet is to keep it simple. Marinating some prawns in oil, garlic and chilli beforehand makes for a tasty beach barbie treat. Scallops on the grill plate are sweet and simple – cooking fast for an early snack. While a whole fish, stuffed with lime, chilli and lemongrass makes for an awesome shared lunch with family and friends.


3. Pre-prep the sides

Sides are the difference between good and great, with the best part being you can make them the night before. Everything from a little zesty salsa to your nan’s famous potato salad will help freshen up what’s coming off the barbie grill.


4. Ditch the Plastic

We don’t want our day out leading to tonnes of plastic filling the beachside bin, so go with reusable plates and cutlery. If you don’t have that at hand, there are awesome eco-friendly options like bamboo now readily available.


5. Cool the Frothies Fast

No one wants warm beer and sometimes you’ll need to cool your froths down fast. We’ve run some tests at Gage Roads HQ (in our special beer lab) and we’ve found the fastest route to ice-cold beer heaven is a mix of ice and water. Chuck your ice in, pour in some water and dump in your tinnies.



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