• March 4, 2021

Plant Power Day


To celebrate Plant Power Day (7th of March), we had a chat to two powerhouses of plant-based eating in Australia, Smith & Daughters chef & ‘Vegan with Bite’ author Shannon Martinez alongside ‘In Praise of Veg’ author Alice Zaslavsky.


Both chefs are credited for changing perceptions of meat-free eating in Australia with their food replicating non-vegan dishes. Both mention the key to achieving this is to think about cooking plant-based foods the same way as you’d cook protein and to incorporate similar fats to achieve the same mouthfeel.


From what is Plant Power Day to top-tips for first time vegan or vegetarian cooks and discussing the impacts of sustainability, check out the insightful discussion between Shannon and Alice below:






See the links below to find out more on their cookbooks:

Shannon Martinez’s books ‘Vegan with Bite’, ‘Smith & Daughters’ and ‘Smith & Deli-cious’

Alice Zaslavsky’s book ‘In Praise of Veg’




Shannon Martinez courtesy of MissusM Creative contact: lizzi@missusm.com.au

Featured Image (top right) photo credit: Lauren Trickett (from 2018 Gourmet Escape: Smith & Daughters 90’s Trattoria Dinner)