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Sustainable farming producing superior beef

When it comes to Australian produce, meat could be considered one of the resident’s best mates!  Australian’s eat an estimated 93kg per year meaning we eat more meat than any other country in the world according to OECD-FAO 2015.

Margaret River may be broadly known as one of the most exquisite wine regions in the country, but what you may not know is that it is quickly becoming a one of Australia’s must try food destinations. They have a focus on not just world class wines but fresh, local produce and a down to earth, farm-to-fork mentality which is widely embraced by local chefs and produces.

This exact notion saw them take out the award for ‘Outstanding Region in Australia’ as part of the Delicious Produce Awards in 2015. The judges affirmed that with food and wine offerings for everyone regardless of their budgets, from casual through to fine dining, and with internationally renowned food festival Gourmet Escape, they were a deserving winner.

Producers such as Harvey Beefs are at the heart of meat production in Western Australia creating superior beef through sustainable farming methods ensuring the consistently high quality of beef from paddock to plate. By producing in one of the most remote and pristine natural environments on earth, they are able to produce only the best but don’t trust us try out some of their exciting recipes

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