• July 14, 2017

The Key to Perfectly Smoking Food


Smoking is a cooking process in which we use low temperatures over a long period of time to not only cook but enhance the flavor of foods.

The majority of food that we tend to smoke are different varieties of meats however it doesn’t end there. Smoking can be used for a larger variety of ingredients, whether that is vegetables, cheese, nuts or even creams. Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods, have perfected the process of cold smoking over the years with their flagship product, cold smoked tomatoes.

You will be able to visit Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods at the 2017 Gourmet Escape Festival and experience the perfectly balanced sweet and acidic depth of flavor in their flagship product as well as two new flavours.

5 Tips for Beginners – Give Smoking a Go

  1. Give yourself plenty of time – Respect the process as it thrives of cooking over a long period of time under low heat.
  2. Make it shine – Smoking can infuse very intense flavors into a product. You should only smoke foods that can handle the intense, smoky flavors and make sure it is the hero on the plate!
  3. Try not to peek – it is the oldest rule in the book, yet we all are culprits of it. By opening the lid, you are allowing for the heat and smoke to escape. This will in turn increase your cooking time whilst sacrificing the aroma and flavor being infused.
  4. Regulate heat with water – Water is your main ally when it comes to smoking. Ensure there is always enough water as it maintains the temperature and ensures there is moisture to keep the food tender.
  5. Start small – As a general rule the more wood you add the more intense the smoky flavor. It is always a good idea to start off with a smaller amount of wood and add as you go.