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The True Beauty of Truffles

The Truffle is an edible fungus grown beneath the ground and created through a mutual relationship with the roots of particular host trees. It takes about 5 years for the relationship to reach maturity and create this indulgent product making it a rarity. As they say ‘the good things in life take time’.  

This gourmet delicacy often referred to as the ‘diamond in the kitchen’ is a luxury ingredient that must be used wisely and treated with the upmost respect. The season for truffles has become a period of anticipation and excitement for the most renowned chefs who have an appreciation for there pungent, strong and earthy fragrance lending a unique flavor and aroma to food.

Great Southern Truffles’ director, Adam Wilson believes that ‘When used in small quantities, it’s luxurious flavour and undeniably earthy and unique aroma can turn a simple dish of soup, chicken, meat or game into a truly gourmet experience’ 

Between the months of June and August the Margaret River Region experiences the excitement of harvest time. In Margaret river the excitement of harvesting the truffles can also be experienced by visitors, with certain truffières offering the opportunity to take part in the culture of harvesting the crops.

The Great Southern Truffles products are available online specialising in a range of gourmet truffle based products and accompaniments designed to enhance the flavour of your everyday meals. Their products range from truffle infused oils to truffle honey with many more in between. Great Southern Truffles will be joining us this year at Gourmet Escape 2017 allowing you to indulge in the luxury that is Australian truffles. For more information check out Great Southern Truffles 


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