• April 22, 2020

Top 5 Quarantine Recipes from Famous Chefs


Your favourite chefs have been cooking up a storm with recipes, tips and tricks to get you through that coronavirus isolation. Check out our top 5 recipes perfect for (enforced) home cooks.


1. Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking & Carry On 

Roast Chicken Caesar Salad – A classic family favourite – view the recipe


2. Maggie Beer’s #CookWithMaggie

Beer Bread with Honey and Quark – How to use the yeast in beer to make bread when you can’t find yeast at the shops- view the video here


3. Massimo Bottura’s #KitchenQuarantine

Besciamella Sauce – The perfect base sauce for the ultimate comfort dish, mac and cheese – view the video here


4. Nigella Lawson’s #RecipeOfTheDay

Chocolate Mint Cookies – A decadent dessert to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings –  View the recipe here


5. David Chang’s tips on cooking eggs

Breakfast Fried Rice – What to do with your leftover rice – View the video here