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Top tips to celebrate Australia Day in the truest of blue ways!

Australia Day is an opportunity for us all to come together and have a good old time together whilst remembering how lucky we are to live in our secret little haven that we like to call home. When it comes to 26 January, there is only one real way to celebrate the people, terrain and diversity that makes Australia, Australia – A party filled with all things that represent this grand land!

Here are our top tips to remember when organizing a party for all your friends to remember –

Tip One – The Classic Aussie BBQ

Get the tongs out and fire up the barbie with some quality sausages from your local butcher and give the classic Bunnings sausage sizzle a run for its money. Do not forget the tomato sauce and sautéed onions to take it to that next level. If you’re feeling inventive and a little more gourmet for the occasion, check out our event opener Curtis Stones, quick and easy recipes for the BBQ.

Tip Two – A playlist to remember

After hearing directly from the Australian public the Triple J top 100 will be announcing the countdown the day after Australia Day, but not only does this mean two days filled with some rocking tunes but it also gives you the chance to create your own killer Aussie Anthems Playlist. If you are unsure where to start, we have a few classics you cannot miss – Down Under by Men at Work, You’re the Voice by John Farnham, Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool and OF COURSE The Horses by Daryl Braithwaite!

Tip Three – Drinks for the Occasion

We have to be real with you, the drink of Australia may be beer but if a beer is not your thing, give these Aussie inspired cocktails by Mr & Mrs Romance a try – they are sure to not disappoint. P.S. if we are lucky enough to have a day filled with memorable Aussie sun, remember to keep hydrated – you will have a whole weekend to keep the celebrations going.

Tip Four – Aussie spirit is contagious

Be an advocate of all things Australian – bucket hats, Australian flags, temporary tattoos or even a Kangaroo Onesie…Be inventive! If you have any items with Australian flare bring it along because it is bound to keep the party in full spirit.

And on that note, our last tip is to bring along your positive attitude and have a great time!

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