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Vijay’s Antz Cocktail Recipe

Antz cocktail:

Vijay’s infamous Antz cocktail, creeping slowly but surely onto the global cocktail map, is a blend of foraged local Weaver ants, soursop, homemade coconut yoghurt, salt baked tapioca, and Chalong Bay rum; topped with a housemade basil meringue, on a basil leaf, sprinkled with imported Thai ants (flash frozen with liquid nitrogen).

The unexpected use of tapioca gives the drink a body and texture, and the local Weaver ants (containing ascorbic acid) lend a sour, almost citric flavour to round up the taste. complemented with the sharp taste of basil, the Antz cocktail is a pleasant surprise!

Make sure you check out what Vijay has in store at The High Life and The Official Closing Party where he will be mixing up a storm using native West Australian ingredients!




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