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Blue Sky Bread


Blue Sky Bread is a family owned, artisan sourdough shop based in Roleystone, Western Australia. We specialise in simple, slow ferment bread, with an emphasis on texture and flavour. All of our loaves include freshly milled flour; either wheat sourced from a chemical-free wheat farming family near Esperance, or organic rye. This truly whole-grain flour, combined with fermentation over days, not hours, ensures our loaves have a depth of flavour you just cannot find anywhere else in WA.

Every loaf is hand shaped and baked to ensure the loaves still retain their delicate chewy crumb and crunchy crust. We also make traditional rugbrød (Danish rye bread), and artisan sweet treats, so there’s something for everyone.

This year Blue Sky Bread will be giving guests a behind the scenes look at their bread making process, as well as providing tastings of their freshly baked sourdough.



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