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Did you know: About 30% of fresh produce doesn’t make it to supermarket shelves? 
That’s right; it’s either the “wrong” size, shape, or has minor skin deep blemishes.
This is where the idea for Gelavo was born…to raise awareness of and reduce food waste. Today, Gelavo is proudly the first avocado-based ice cream to be sold in retail outlets in Australia. 
As it turns out avocados make for really good ice cream! Gelavo is so smooth and creamy – you won’t believe it’s dairy free! 

Other reasons to choose Gelavo:

– Delicious!

– Directly reducing food waste for WA

– Vegan

– Low in unhealthy saturated fats and high in healthy mono-unsaturated fats

– A good source of prebiotic fibre

– Proudly supporting Australian farmers

– Gelavo is currently available in four flavours: Original, Chocolate, Coffee and Banana

This year within the Gourmet Village, Gelavo will be serving an exclusive flavour made especially for Gourmet Escape that promotes a South West Fruit. Our fight against food waste is not over yet! Keep an eye out for flavours that save Australian fruits.


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