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Granny McQueens


Granny McQueens is a family run business based in the beautiful Swan Valley in Perth, Western Australia.

Its principle founder is Linda Burns a Scottish migrant. Cooking quality Scottish confectionery has been a passion for many years and in 2016 we introduced a range of Gourmet Scottish Tablet into the marketplace launching our Traditional Scottish Tablet at Kalamunda Artisan Market. We were delighted by our success and the public’s positive interest in our product.

We have continued to developed our product range and have increased our business presence to include many WA locations and community events and continue to expand our reach and customer base.

We delight in ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and in offering a quality product and service.
The heraldic motto of the McQueen family crest is ‘Constant and Faithful’.
At Granny McQueens we strive to exemplify this by constancy and faithfulness to product quality and customer service.

Visit us at the Gourmet Feast in the Valley for complimentary tastings of our ‘Hand Made’ Scottish Confectionery – all day long! We have 15 decadent flavours, including Limited Edition to choose from and offer a 3 bag special ‘mix n match’.

We will have a special ‘Gourmet Escape Gift Pack’ featuring 10 flavours to purchase, and will be running a competition each day for 2 lucky visitors to win one.



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