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Stonebarn Truffles are grown on our family owned farm in Manjimup, the heart of Australian truffle country. Stonebarn truffle is black winter French Perigord truffle (tuber Melanosporum) which is the most expensive black truffle available.

Stonebarn is the only truffierie in WA with HACCP certification for production, packing and distribution. Our truffle products are also manufactured in a HACCP certified production facility.

In 2018 Stonebarn Truffles were awarded Gold Medal by the Australian Food Awards.


At this stage our truffle product range includes:

Truffle Oil – 50ml, 100ml, 375ml
Truffle Pink Salt – 100g & 320g
Truffle White Salt – 100g & 320g
Truffle Mustard – 130g & 350g
Truffle Aioli – 120g
Truffle Mayonnaise – 120g
Truffle Sauce – 340g
Truffle Pasta Sauce – 340g

Our products were launched in 2017 in WA and are enjoying exceptional success and feedback from retailers and customers.
The products are built for retail and are very appealing to the retail customer.

We use real black Perigord truffle in all of our products (not flavouring).
All of our products are clearly labelled gluten free, have a nutrition panel and state allergy warning such as ‘contains egg & soy’.

We will be offering free sample tasting at our stand on each day of the festival. So be sure to come over and try before your buy!



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