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The House of Honey


The House of Honey proudly specializes in pure, unpasteurised and unadulterated varietal honeys. We practice harvesting honey only when our bees have allowed the honey to fully ripen and mature into an exceptional taste.

Our guarantee to our customers is that we will provide a premium top quality West Australian honey. We use traditional and sustainable farming methods that produce an intensely flavoured honey that has a high nutritional value which is proven through laboratory testing. We have many honey-based products in our store captivating the experience of all things honey.

We use traditional and sustainable farming methods endorsing good bee husbandry and we follow the national code for bio-security practises. We do not use chemicals in our beehives and all by products from extracting honey are made into candles and tinctures. We support clean green energy resources and engage in a low carbon footprint. All rain water is stored on the property and solar panels have been installed for the residence, honey shed and shop. Our gardens are organic with free range chickens and bees! All garden debris is composted and/or wood chipped back into the garden. Our shop and café support the Swan Valley’s Humane food region concept.


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