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Vino Volta


Vino Volta makes tasty, quaffable medium bodied wines.  We like to play, calling on a collective 40 years of experience. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  We are rallying the star varieties – Chenin Blanc and Grenache – of the Swan Valley / Swan District. 

We explore grape varieties that should be suited to Swan Valley and our warming climate.  We would love to be able to source from within the district and hope to in the long term.  For now, we need to source from other regions within Western Australia.

Keep experimenting, keep learning and hopefully come up with something new or just so old that nobody remembers what it is…

Let other winemakers, vineyards and wine regions do what they are good at and buy/swap our wines for theirs.  Let’s stop making everything everywhere and stick to what we are good at.

Come and see our wines and have a chat.  We span from conventional to experimental to natural.  Fruit sweetness and vibrancy is key in all our wines.



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