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Bao Wow

Cuisine Chinese

It’s the penultimate Bao experience, which will leave you bowing down to the chefs. Don’t miss dishes like the Kung Foo Chicken Bao (featuring fried Lilydale chicken tenderloin and bulldog BBQ sauce), the Sticky Piggy Bao (pulled pork shoulder braise, carrot relish and Asian BBQ sauce) and the Smashing Pumpkin Bao (with coconut and lemongrass curried pumpkin).



Kung Foo Chicken Bao – Fried Lilydale chicken tenderloin, bulldog bbq sauce $8

Sticky Piggy Bao – Pulled pork shoulder braise, carrot relish, Asian bbq sauce $8

Smashing Pumpkin Bao (vegan) – Coconut & lemongrass curried pumpkin $8

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