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Andrew Levins

DJ & Writer


DJ Levins has toured the world with everyone from Diplo to Childish Gambino to The Vengaboys and when he’s not in the club or on tour he’s raising his own kids! He puts the skills he’s learned from years of DJing together with the skills he’s learned as a dad for the funnest kids disco set in the universe!

Andrew Levins (known to all as Levins) is a DJ, ex-chef, writer and dad. He hosts five podcasts, including The Mitchen, Hey Fam and Serious Issues. As a DJ he’s toured with Childish Gambino, Diplo and The Vengaboys. He owned a restaurant for a few years and released a cookbook called Diner. He now writes about food instead of cooking it, with a monthly column in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food section. Levins was once named one of Sydney’s 100 most influential people by The Sydney Morning Herald and Time Out said he was one of the ’30 Young People Making Sydney Awesome Right Now’ when he was still a young person.