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Dylan Jones and Duangporn Songivsava

Head Chef


Bo.lan is founded on the belief that the best Thai restaurants should be found In Thailand. With that in mind the two chefs Duangporn Songivsava and Dylan Jones started Bo.lan. The name Bo.lan comes from Chef Duangporn’s nickname Bo and the second half of Dylan’s name Lan. It is also a play on the Thai word for vintage or ancient, which sounds the same but is spelt slightly different. Bo.lan prides itself for working closely with local farmers and feels that it has a social responsibility to the local community. Bo.lan advocates the use of bio diversified produce and this is reflected in the ever-changing menu. Bo.lan is constantly trying to lessen its environmental impact with the goal of achieving a zero carbon restaurant by 2018.

Chef Duangporn Songivsava (Bo), has always had a passion and desire to create exceptional Thai food. This has amplified over the years since opening Bo.lan with Chef Dylan Jones. She completed her Masters in Gastronomy in Adelaide, before returning to Bangkok to pursue her career in the kitchen. She first joined the team at Cy’an, in the Metropolitan hotel Bangkok. Bo then moved to London to work at Nahm. It was there she met Dylan and they felt the time was ripe to open a truly remarkable Thai restaurant in her mother country.

Bo.lan was born in early 2009. Since opening Bo.lan, Bo has constantly been campaigning to raise awareness of important issues regarding Thai food and food security. Whether it be through teaching at several leading Thai universities or on her weekly television show Eat Am Are (Thai PBS). Recently Bo was presented with the inaugural award for Asia’s Best Female Chef, as part of The 50 Best Restaurants in Asia Awards 2013.

Chef Dylan Jones, never bound by convention, left the sleepy town of Canberra for the food rich city of Melbourne. Here he completed his apprenticeship and first fell in love with Asian flavours. Dylan travelled extensively throughout Thailand before moving to London for a position at Nahm. It was London that cemented his love for the cuisine and he began to truly discover the world of Thai Food. As fate would have it he also met Bo. With very little prompting needed, Dylan decided to follow her to Bangkok and open Bo.lan.

A fortuitous decision indeed! From early on, the pair received rave reviews from local and international press alike. Dylan has immersed himself in his adopted homeland, learning the language and with Bo has amassed a rather decent collection of antique Thai recipes. Dylan’s passion for Thai food and Thai food heritage has only strengthened since moving to Thailand. He has recently joined Bo as co-host on the weekly television show Eat am Are (Thai PBS).