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Charlie Arnott



Charlie Arnott is an award-winning grazier from Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia, an educator and passionate advocate for Regenerative Farming practices. His family business has developed under Charlie’s guidance from a ‘conventional’, industrial high input mixed enterprise farm working against Nature to a Biodynamically principled holistically managed farm partnering with Nature.  

Charlie started his Regenerative Farming journey 15 years ago. Previously he and his family had been farming conventionally on their 5,000 acre property “Hanaminno” for over 35 years, in an industrial high input/ high output farming business model, heavily reliant on pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers. 

After a series of epiphanies and through education Charlie found the Regenerative Agriculture movement, a movement which reflected his instinctive connection to the land and his ethos of producing quality food for his family and the world. 

Charlie received the Bob Hawke Landcare Award in 2018 and shares his passion and knowledge through his podcast The Regenerative Journey.

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