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Ciccio Sultano

Executive Chef


Executive Chef Ciccio Sultano is a true craftsman. His cuisine is an elegant and continually evolving portrait of Sicily, referencing the island’s unique regions and produce and the myriad of invading cultures that, throughout history, have come to define it. The intricate balance of his dishes is celebrated by an award-winning wine list that proudly boasts over 50 percent Sicilian labels, that help to seamlessly root the cuisine to the winemaking history of the island.

In 2000, Ciccio realised his dream and opened his first restaurant, Duomo. Building on his own cultural heritage, he added the knowledge he had gained overseas and created menus that showcased classic Sicilian ingredients with an eloquence and subtlety in execution, that gained the restaurant immediate critical acclaim.

In 2004 Duomo was awarded its first Michelin star, with a second following two years later.

As Duomo eased into its position within the culinary landscape of Ragusa, Ciccio’s boundless enthusiasm once more came to the fore and he began to consider a second offering in the hillside town. Inspired by traditional, simple counters set up by small producers, selling everything from bread, cheese and salami to pastries and wine, the concept began to form.

He opened I Banchi in 2015.

Drawing together an imagined collection of these counters, with the daily staple of bread at its core, I Banchi is a contemporary take on a traditional trattoria.