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Growing up off-grid, amongst the beans and pumpkin vines, dirtgirl never imagined where her self- sufficient lifestyle would take her. Her life mantra is simple …little things make a big difference. She believes we protect what we love, we love what we know and being outside forms a relationship to cherish for a lifetime. Now the star of dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV, on the ABC, she is the hero for kids across the globe. who are growing up in a world where being outside and getting grubby is second nature. Not just on TV, her influence reigns supreme on social media, with an enormous engaged global tribe who share and interact daily to inspire better change. Working with councils to change the way we reduce, reuse and recycle, joining with Costa the Garden Gnome to spread the love of compost and working with the Indigenous Rangers of the Top End to inspire handling out country with care, are all part of her normal’ life. As is, hopping up on stage with her band at festivals to rock out and party with her hit songs of hope and planet love.  

Go wild with dirtgirl as she hits the stage with her set of poptimistic tunes from the ABC hit shows dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV. More than a global TV star, dirtgirl is the real deal. Shes stepping off the screen with her band Mother Earth to sing about what she cares about the most…love!…  

Love of bees, gumboots, dancing, nature, getting grubby and partying for the planet. Be part of the tribe that digs the earth and rocks the world!