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Mal Chow

Chef & Restaurateur


Food has always played a central role in Mal Chow life, as he’s been working in the kitchen since he was young at his mum and aunt’s Malaysian restaurant in Wantirna. This first experience in a kitchen gave the chef a good grounding in food culture, which allowed him to start his apprenticeship under Shannon Bennett at Vue de Monde when he was only 20. There, he learnt to work hard and at a fast pace and developed the foundation skills necessary for young chefs who want to start a career in the culinary field.

He then moved to Sydney and started working at Tetsuya’s, where he learnt to be precise and methodic in everything he did and, more important, he learned patience. After his experience under head chef Martin Benn, Mal teamed up with Daryl Martin at Saveur before meeting his wife and moving to the South West.
There, he worked for five years at The Studio Bistro, earlier as sous chef and later on as head chef, and was then approached by Travis and Elizabeth Wray from House of Cards Winery to start a joint venture and open a new restaurant in their vineyard. Chow’s Table delivers Chinese/Malay cuisine with a modern twist and pays homage to the chef’s cultural background.