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Ray Adriansyah



Ray Adriansyah was born in Jakarta to Sumatran parents. His mother was an excellent cook and Ray grew with a deep interest in traditional and international cuisines. While studying in New Zealand, he decided to quit the business school he was attending and switch to cooking. After graduating from culinary school in Christchurch he returned to Jakarta to work with Eelke Plasmeijer, they have been working together ever since.

In 2014 they opened Locavore in Ubud, with a focus on using local produce. Ray and Eelke’s ingredient-driven menu celebrates the farmers, fishers and food artisans of Indonesia. The marriage of fresh, local ingredients with the inspired dishes of these chefs has led to Locavore being listed on Asia’s 50 Best list for four consecutive years (2016 #49, 2017 #22, 2018 #21, 2019 #46) also being awarded the Highest Climber award in 2017 and Asia’s Most Sustainable Restaurant award in 2019.