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Each year we invite WA businesses to take an active part in shaping the Gourmet Escape program by hosting innovative and diverse events that showcase WA’s top-notch produce, wine, culinary personalities and tourism destinations. We encourage venues to apply to host one-off Fringe Events to supplement the Official Festival Program which will take place across the Swan Valley, Perth and Margaret River regions this 8-17 November 2019. 


  1. Your event has been specifically crafted for the Gourmet Escape program (it is not an event you run regularly or have run before)
  2. Your event is to be held during the festival’s program dates (8-17 November 2019)
  3. Your event will highlight food, drink, produce and the community of Western Australia
  4. The content of your event offers value in line with previous Gourmet Escape events and is relevant to festival goers and the objectives of Gourmet Escape (profiling WA’s strengths in produce, wine, hospitality and showcases WA as a culinary tourism destination)
  5. The event will be fully resourced and managed by you. Upon approval you will need to submit an operational plan/overview, outlining concept and how this will be delivered – infrastructure, kitchen facilities, staffing numbers, transportation options, inclement weather planning and WH&S.
  6. Event to cater/accommodate for a minimum of 30 people
  7. The event is located in Western Australia
  8. All ticketing and management of guest enquires will be managed by you and will be responded to in a timely and professional manner.
    1. Note your advertised ticket price must include all booking and service fees. 
    2. You will be responsible for processing any refunds requested for your event
  9. The event is of a high standard and operates under Best Practice (You may be asked to present the following operational plans: risk management, weather response plan, occupational health and safety, food safety standards, responsive service of alcohol etc).
    1. You must supply the Gourmet Escape team with a copy of your Public Liability policy for your event to the minimum value of AUD$10 million.
    2. You must indemnify and keep indemnified Gourmet Escape and its employees from and against all costs, losses, damages, expenses (including legal expenses) or other liabilities occurred as a result of a claim made or threatened by a third party arising out of or in respect of (a). Any negligence, wrongful act or omission or breach of duty by you 
  10. If approved you will provide images and copy as per the requested specifications so that your event can be included in the Gourmet Escape program
  11. Gourmet Escape can use information that you provide in your application for your event in the 2019 program if approved by the Gourmet Escape team
  12. Cancellation of your event is determined by you however, you will be required to notify the Gourmet Escape team of your cancellation and all tickets will be refunded to the consumer
  13. Only successful applicants will be contacted

Fringe Event selection will be at the discretion of Gourmet Escape. Please note that while some submitted events may successfully address the selection criteria, only a limited number of events can be accepted into the Gourmet Escape program. Only complete event submissions will be reviewed and those of the highest standard or that complement the existing Gourmet Escape program will be accepted. Minimum admin fee $200. For any questions please email us at


Fringe Applictions are now CLOSED