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All You Need to Know When Visiting a Winery

Visiting a wine region as big as Margaret River is a thrilling yet overwhelming experience. It could be the idea of tasting some of the most spectacular wines at a right at the cellar door for the first time or the sheer volume of wineries that call this region home!

To make the most of a wine region it doesn’t mean that you have to experience everything, in fact it means just the opposite. Be sure that you are realistic with your time, that you do your research, try what you like and sometimes what you think you don’t.

The magnificence of any wine trip is not just confirming your love of a particular varietal or going to the source of a brand you’ve been loyal to from afar. It’s also about making new discoveries and building new memories and associations.

Our top ten tips for visiting wineries
1.  Grab an empty box to store any purchased wines
2.  Pre-organise your transport
3.  The earlier you get to the winery, the better
4.  Don’t try to visit every winery
5.  Don’t forget the basics like eating
6.  If you don’t like, don’t finish
7.  Eat the Crackers
8.  Be Adventurous and try varieties you may have thought you didn’t like
9.  Be Prepared for questions
10. Don’t go buying every bottle you try

Get the low down, tips and tricks from the extremely experienced and knowledgeable winemakers in Margaret River. 


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