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How to make the most of your chocolate Easter eggs

If you are anything like us here at Gourmet Escape HQ, Easter time is serious when it comes chocolate eggs! The real question is, however, what are you to do with all the extra chocolate in your household after you inevitably buy a couple hundred too many chocolate eggs at the supermarket. Rather than letting it go way past its expiry date or putting yourself into a food coma, why not get inventive and share with your family and friends.

On the plus side for us, chocolate is possibly one of the most versatile ingredients, with the opportunity to be melted down into almost any of our favourite desserts. Why not have a crack at your Mum’s secret chocolate cake recipe, a luscious chocolate mouse or an easy to make yet always a crowd favorite rocky road. Check out Good Food’s 20 easy recipes to recreate some household favourite’s using those leftover chocolate eggs!  

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