• May 5, 2020

Miso Lamb Ribs Recipe


Fire up the BBQ for this delicious Miso Lamb Rib recipe from Perth BBQ School which featured in their 2019 demonstration at the Feast Fire Pit alongside Marco Pierre White, Jess Pryles and DJ BBQ. 

This recipe does take some time and planning, but we assure you that the results are worth it in the end!


Prep time: approx 30 minutes (plus 4 hours refrigeration time)
Cooking time: approx 3 hours


Rack of lamb ribs 

All Purpose Rub

Miso Marinade:

4 tbsp miso paste

150ml pale ale

1 cup sugar



Step 1. Trim and Smoke the Lamb Ribs

Set your barbecue of choice to 250-275f indirect

Add preferred smoking wood – any of the fruit woods will work well

Rub with seasoning of choice – Suggested is an all purpose run or even just salt and pepper

Cook time: approx 2~3 hours, depending on the size of your lamb ribs

Cook to probe tender, (internal tends to be around the 206f / 96c mark)


Step 2. Rest and Refrigerate Your Lamb

Once your lamb ribs are probe tender (internal tends to be around the 206f / 96c mark) take them off the smoker, wrap in foil and allow to cool for an hour or so on the bench. After this, refrigerate for around 4 hours minimum.


Step 3. Miso Marinade 

Heat up the ingredients quickly to dissolve the sugar. 


Step 4. Marinade Your Ribs

Take out your now cold lamb ribs and slice into individual ribs. Combine with miso marinade and vac seal or in a container and it’s recommended to refrigerate overnight. 


Step 5. Grill the Lamb Ribs

Set up your charcoal grill of choice for medium direct heat.

Grill lamb ribs until the glaze has caramelised. This should only take 5-10 minutes.

Be careful with your direct heat, these lamb ribs are fatty plus the fat has already been rendered so you will get a fat fire surprisingly quickly if you’re not careful.

If there’s any glaze left in your container feel free to brush it on for extra tasty goodness.


Check out the inspiration behind the Miso Lamb Ribs and other great recipes on the Perth BBQ School Website

Image credit: Perth BBQ School