• March 27, 2020



The Western Australian hospitality industry employs 36,000 people.

Bartenders, baristas, waiters and waitresses, hosts and hostesses, local producers, small business owners, café managers, hotel staff, sommeliers, chefs, cooks, kitchen hands, maître d’s, wine makers, concierges, catering managers. The list goes on.

These 36,000 people cannot simply ‘work from home’.

Right now, many of them can’t work at all.

As critical measures come into place across Australia to combat the spread of COVID-19, our Golden State’s bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and wineries are facing a time of unprecedented struggle.

Many of the venues being affected are local businesses; businesses run by families and individuals, who can no longer afford to pay their staff or make ends meet.

Over the years, they have been there for us. They have celebrated our milestones, seen us through hardships, introduced us to friends and flavours, laughed with us, cried with us, farewelled us and welcomed us home. They have been our friends and our confidantes, our wake-ups and last calls. They have remembered our order and our names (even when we’ve forgotten theirs).

They have supported us when we needed them.

Now is our time to return the favour.

Together, we can take action to support an industry in crisis.

These are OUR places, OUR people and OUR plates. So start with your next meal.



What does this mean and what can YOU do?


1. Order Direct from Local Restaurants

Local businesses have NOT shut up shop. While they may be unable to open for ‘dine in’, ORDERING TAKEAWAY IS A THING. And a very good thing at that (particularly when you’ve eaten everything in your cupboards in auto-response to self-isolation).

See our list of Western Australian restaurants offering takeaway and delivery options


2. Not hungry now? Buy a voucher.

For yourself, a friend who’s had a ‘bad isolation day’, a hot (virtual) date, a work colleague or even a friendly neighbour. Buying a voucher for a future meal could help save your favourite restaurant/café/bar/pub/winery/hotel TODAY. It’ll also give you something to look forward to in the post-isolation era.


3. Use #TakeawayForWA and share how YOU are supporting the local industry

Just ordered? Share a photo of your takeaway meals on Instagram and #TakeawayForWA.

Remember to tag the local WA restaurant you ordered your meal from, then share across your network, encouraging others to do the same.

Let’s work together to support local businesses and the WA hospitality industry.


Offering takeaway yourself? If you are a restaurant, bar, pub or other venue, tag #TakeawayForWA to share some of the delicious takeaway options you have on offer. Please also reach out to us directly to be featured on our list of restaurants offering takeaway.

We’re in it together.

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