• December 7, 2020

Top 10 Beaches in the Margaret River Region


The Margaret River region is located three hours south of Perth, highly regarded for its reputable wineries and breweries along with its natural beauty. The nearby coast is surrounded by three sides of water and lined with the most spectacular beaches and surf breaks. The beaches are defined by their clear, turquoise blue waters which hosts migratory whales between the months of June to November. Whether you follow the north side to discover the tranquil warm waters perfect for families, or the west coast known for its world famous surf, there is definitely something for everyone. With so many different beaches to explore we’ve named our personal favorites below so you have a starting point when exploring the beautiful coast.

  1. Busselton Foreshore is a popular beach destination for families with its calm waters making it safe for swimming and nearby playground for the children.
  2. Cosy Corner is the perfect place for a quiet beach day with friends and family, with its tranquil waters creating the perfect environment for swimming
  3. Meelup is one of the most picturesque beaches attracting many visitors through its serene waters.
  4. Eagle Bay is one of the best swimming beaches, with its shallow, calm and striking turquoise waters, bright green vegetation and blazing red rocks beneath the dazzling white sandy beach.
  5. Boojidup Beach is another secret treasure in Margaret River ranging an estimated 2kms of white sandy beach and crystal clear water.
  6. Bunker Bay is a serene beach whose still waters allow visitors to take part in an array of different beach activities.
  7. Smith’s Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Margaret River region defined by its extended, spacious and clean white sands, big waves and crystal-clear turquoise water. It is becoming very popular with visiting professional surfers due to the more difficult and challenging breaks.
  8. Castle Rock is one of the more private and secret beaches in the region but it is becoming increasingly popular due to it being the location for our Gourmet Beach BBQ.
  9. Gnarabup is one of the most relaxing beaches, and not far from Margaret River town. It’s clear blue waters are invigorated by the warm Leeuwin Current, surrounded by limestone reef and southern headland.
  10. Hamelin Bay has many qualities of interests but the most unique would be the friendly stingrays, a tiny island and the old timber jetty remnants.