• May 20, 2020

Top 5 Wine Tasting Tips


We caught up with Gourmet Escape regular, Vanya Cullen from Margaret River’s iconic Cullen Wines to find out her top 5 tips for wine tasting. 


Tip 1

Choose a fruit or flower day on the biodynamic calendar for tasting your wine for the best flavours


Tip 2

Choose a beautiful wine glass to enjoy your wine.


Tip 3

Select a screw cap rather than a corked wine bottle so you don’t have to worry about cork taint.


Tip 4

Make sure that your wines are not too hot or cold. Recommended temperatures for tasting are 16°C for whites and 18°C for reds. 


Tip 5

The process for tasting wines: 

  1. Pour into a glass
  2. Check the colour of the wine
  3. Aerate, sniff hard at the perfume of the wine and imbibe in the wine’s scent
  4. Taste a little, making sure you swirl and aerate in your mouth before swallowing
  5. Write tasting notes if you’re able to
  6. Most important of all, enjoy the wine tasting and the whole experience.


See below for one of Cullen Wine’s wine tasting videos with Vanya Cullen. 



Check out Cullen Wine’s Instagram page for more wine tasting videos


Image credit: Frances Andrijich Photography.